Golden State University is pleased to play a vital part in the provision of global education. To meet the varying needs of students wishing to obtain the educational tools in pursuit of their learning goals, Golden State utilizes a variety of educational delivery systems. 

Off campus, distance-learning programs are provided by the university, designed for the student capable of independent self- study and willing to take a large measure of personal responsibility for their education. Through the use of study manuals and other learning resources, students are able to accelerate through their studies at their own pace. Recognition is also given to prior learning or demonstrations of proven competencies in specific subject areas. 

Residential and classroom instruction, utilizing the more traditional form of learning, is also provided by Golden State through their affiliation programs with member colleges and institutions in various areas of the world. 

The main priority of Golden State University is the student, and in the quality and integrity of the academic programs that serve them. The aim of these programs is to provide the student with a body of knowledge in their specific disciplines, relevant to the attaining of their educational needs, and providing an exciting stimulus to the pursuit of a life long learning experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you as a part of the Golden State University community.

The university is very proud of each and every one of its graduates. All graduates of the university are welcome to join the Alumni Association. A regular Alumni Newsletter will be sent to graduates via the email, and various other activities will be progressively added to the life of the Association. More

To make application to the university, the applicant should...

The mission of Golden State University is twofold. It is to provide off campus...

Golden State University has affiliate schools, colleges and representatives in the..

120 credit units for graduation, including 33 credit units of study applicable to the General Education Requirement, including...

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